5 tips to help you select the best emergency locksmith


Locks and keys are the primary line of defense in our homes and offices. Even your swanky new car has a robust locking system to keep car-jackers at bay. Needless to say, the slightest of issues with a lock or key can halt us in our tracks, forcing us to drop everything and look for a capable locksmith. For instance, imagine driving down to your relative’s, stopping at a gas station and accidentally locking yourself out of the car. Or worse, inadvertently locking your minor kid inside the car. What about coming home after a long day at work only to find that the front door lock is no longer working? There are countless situations like these that require immediate intervention from a capable emergency locksmith. Fortunately, the residents of Columbus, OH are spoilt for choice when it comes to availing locksmith services. A quick search on the internet and you will see dozens of results in a second. But therein lies the problem. When the options are so many, it is hard to the good from the bad. More often than not, people end up picking the nearest emergency locksmith in Columbus, OH without even checking the credentials. Now, this is a gamble that you should avoid taking. Picking the wrong emergency locksmith in Columbus, OH can mean two things: a) you could be stuck with a broken lock for ages before help will arrive at your doorstep and b) you might have to pay hefty fees to the locksmith in the name of “emergency services”. And trust us, this money can be almost thrice the usual charges. It is not that difficult to pick out the right emergency locksmith once you know what you are looking for. These are the core things you should look for in a good emergency locksmith:

Timeliness: Make sure you pick a locksmith that does not bluff about their ETA. Most locksmiths promise a quick response time but take ages to reach the location. When you are dealing with a broken lock or can't find the keys, you do not want to hear excuses. What you need is a locksmith who can arrive at your location as quickly as possible and mitigate your issues.

Availability: It is funny how some locksmith firms offer “emergency” services but refuse to show up at a certain hour. An emergency does not strike with prior warning. It can take place even in the dead of the night. Therefore, you need to find a locksmith that offers 24x7 emergency services. Preferably, the locksmith should avoid charging extra money just for showing up late at night. COLUMBUS OHIO LOCKSMITH provides top-notch emergency locksmith services in Columbus, OH and does not charge a single penny extra for late-night locksmith solutions.

Preparedness: During an emergency, most customers are simply looking for a quick solution so they can get back to their routine lives. Locksmiths take advantage of this and deliver half-baked services that do not hold for long. For instance, they’d make a key that is not sturdy enough to last more than a few months or use substandard parts in your lock for a patchwork solution. Make sure your locksmith comes prepared for any kind of contingency and does not leave you with a stop gap arrangement.

Transparency: People tend to pay extra money just to get out of a crisis-like situation pertaining to locks and keys. Some locksmiths take advantage of this and do not tell reveal the actual quote until after the service. As a result, when the job is done, the customers are handed a hefty bill and are left with no option but coughing up the money. Professional locksmiths who take their jobs seriously always draw up a price estimate beforehand and maintain absolute transparency throughout the service. Ask any COLUMBUS OHIO LOCKSMITH technician for a service quote without hesitation.

Professionalism: Is the locksmith you have hired wearing professional uniform or just regular clothes? Are they carrying proof of their certification? Do they have the right tools, such as proper rekeying kits, key-cutting machines, etc? It is easy to tell a professional emergency locksmith from a fake technician by noticing minor details about their behavior and attire. Ask the right questions and seek proper ID proof to be fully satisfied about the emergency locksmith you have hired. Only then should you let them work on your locks and keys.

So how do you ensure that you always select the right emergency locksmith in Columbus, OH? The answer’s simple. All you need to do is call COLUMBUS OHIO LOCKSMITH, the most sought after locksmith in the city. Our well-trained locksmiths know how to handle emergencies pertaining to lock and keys and come fully prepared to deal with any kind of situation – be it a broken deadbolt, dysfunctional transponder key or broken ignition switch. The reason why we are the finest brand in the town is simple- we don’t waste the customer’s time or money. Plus, we deliver professional services with long-lasting results. If you are stuck with a broken lock, need an urgent lock changeor are unable to locate your key, dial 614-696-5288 and get in touch with our agents right away!