Why deadbolt locks are the most popular type of door locks


Sturdy door locks are the primary line of defense against intruders and thieves. Naturally, our first instinct is to ensure that we acquire the best possible front and perimeter locks for our doors. Be it home or office, most of us rely on standard locks that are freely available in the market, relatively easy to install and can be fixed by any commercial or residential locksmith in Columbus, Oh. The first such lock that comes to mind is a deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks in Columbus, OHare very common and widely used across offices and by homeowners. Since deadbolts come in various types and price brackets, they are used by both homeowners and office establishments. The biggest advantage of these locks, besides their sturdiness, is the fact that they are easy to install and repair by capable locksmiths. Columbus Ohio Locksmith is a premier commercial and residential locksmith that offers all types of services related to deadbolt locks in Columbus, OH. From helping you purchase the right type of lock that suits your security needs and pocket to installing them at your property, we provide end-to-end solutions at affordable prices. Moreover, we also offer effective and pocket-friendly maintenance services to ensure that your deadbolt locks stay in top shape throughout the year. But before you decide to upgrade your existing deadbolts or purchase a new set, it is important to understand the basic features of these locks and what separates them from other kinds of locks available in the market.

Understanding deadbolts

One of the most common locks that you will see on the front door of apartments, deadbolt is a common type of latch that can be operated by a key or a thumb turn and is different from a spring latch. The locks can be installed on either side of the door and are typically made from steel or brass. Deadbolt locks offer greater security than spring locks because they cannot be easily jimmied open using foreign objects such as a card or blade. Cost-friendly and easy to install, deadbolts come in different types such as single cylinder, double cylinder, keypads, etc.

How are deadbolts different from other locks?

Unlike a padlock or door knobs, deadbolts offer far greater security than front door locks since their unique security mechanism makes it virtually impossible for a burglar or intruder to break into your property.

Padlocks are not permanently attached to the front door and are portable. While they offer a decent amount of security, it is easier to break or damage these locks compared to a deadbolt.

Plus, door knobs are good for interior doors since they offer limited security. For exterior doors, it is always recommended to get a deadbolt or mortise lock.

So why not mortise? Well, mortise locks are good for commercial security. But if you are a homeowner looking for a cheaper, equally effective and less complicated alternative, then deadbolt is the obvious choice.




Types of deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks come in various types, depending on your needs and budget. Here are some of them:

Single cylinder deadbolts: These locks use a key cylinder on the exterior section of the door and a thumb on the interior section to operate the lock. While these offer adequate security, there is a catch too. It is recommended to install these locks if there is no breakable window within 40 inches of the thumb turn piece or a thief could break open the nearby glass, reach inside and open the lock using the thumb piece.

Double cylinder deadbolts: As the name suggests, this type of lock uses a key cylinder both on the interior as well as the exterior sections of the door. This means that a thief cannot open the lock even if there is a window nearby. These locks are extensively for residential purposes. The only disadvantage: the lock requires a key to open the door from the inside in case it is locked. This can be a hindrance in the event of an emergency like a fire. Hence, you should always keep the key in or near the lock if you are inside the house.

Lockable thumb turn:This is somewhat a combination of a single and double cylinder deadbolt lock. This offers an added layer of security since it has a thumb turn on the inside section of the door which functions like a standard single cylinder deadbolt. This means that when you are inside the house, you can operate the thumb turn to access the door without the hassle of using a key. But what if you need to step out of the house and don’t want anybody to easily operate the thumb turn? That’s when the lockable feature comes in handy. The thumb turn can be locked, or say disabled, using a key so that it can no longer lock or unlock the door. This allows you to ensure that the door cannot be unlocked without a key if you are away; no matter if there is a glass window nearby.

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